Apply For A Grant

Sailing Program Grants

EYSF has instituted a competitive sailing program grants award process. Applicants compete and the best applications win. We use an internal scoring system so all applications are reviewed and judged using the same criteria.

We are looking for the best return on our investment in order to further our mission and we generally favor opportunities that demonstrate other contributions.

Depending on the funds available at any given time and the amounts requested we may award one or more grants during each round but we may also decide to award none. In addition, we may not award the full amount but decide to award a portion of your request.

The Foundation meet quarterly to consider grant applications received during the preceding three months. The deadline for grant submission is the third Friday of each calendar quarter.

Within two weeks of our quarterly meetings, we will respond to each applicant. If a grant is approved, our grant administrator will reply with a proposed grant agreement and based on the payment and other documentation criteria we will issue a check for the amount of the grant. We do generally not pay in advance. Other related administrative matters will be handled via email.

Each grant recipient must agree to use the funds only for the purposes described in the application, to return any funds not expended, to submit receipts and/or documentation supporting budgeted expenditures, and to submit a brief report at the conclusion of the project, include photos, if available. We also encourage our grantees to engage in social media activity. The Foundation will feature grantees on the website and include updates as provided by the grantee.

Preparing the grant application

Applications are submitted online using our automated forms. However, we recommend you first familiarize yourself with the forms and their requirements. Taking time to prepare well in advance will help your chances.

You will also be required to submit additional information such as program details, sailing resume, detail budget and other evidence.