Or extreme water consumption.

Hyponatremia can be a condition that arises when sports athletes or others drink an excessive amount of water or sports beverages. Excessive fluid consumption is able to overwhelm the body’s capability to remove excess drinking water, which dilutes the sodium content material of your bloodstream. Your own body’s water levels after that rise to equalize sodium amounts in your cells, which swell. The swelling could cause mild complications including muscles cramps, nausea, vomiting and seizures. If swelling takes place in your brain it could be fatal.Rabinowitz said several episodes of disease in animals have been associated with human health threats obviously, including cats and mercury poisoning, and more wild bird mortality and West Nile Virus infection recently. Rabinowitz said nonhuman animals could be more sensitive to numerous of the agents that are potential biological or chemical weapons and could consequently serve as ‘sentinels’ for a terrorist attack. At the same time, the public health program has been slow to use animal sentinel data to detect and reduce human environmental health hazards. Rabinowitz said there is a insufficient ongoing scientific communication between animal health and human medical researchers about emerging disease threats.