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Astex selects PharmaVentures to aid in divesment of CMC & Formulation Facility PharmaVentures Limited, professionals in alliances and offers, are very happy to announce they have been engaged by leading medication discovery firm, Astex Pharmaceuticals to get a buyer for a recognised full provider CMC & Formulation Service in Pleasanton, California. The engagement will utilise PharmaVentures’ asset divestment experience in the life span sciences sector. Fintan Walton Dr, CEO, PharmaVentures commented, ‘We have been delighted to have already been chosen simply by Astex to aid in divesting this state-of-the-art facility, maximising return for the stakeholders.’.Dieterich of the University of Denver’s Graduate College of Social Work studied more than 1,100 college students in 28 elementary schools in Denver public institutions. Previous research has shown that about twenty five % of elementary students either bully or are victims of bullying. Studies also suggest that both bullies and victims are at risk for later on mental health issues and involvement in anti-social actions. Educators have focused attention on bullying in the wake of college shootings during the last decade. In some of these cases there have been indications that the shooters experienced themselves been bullied as young children.