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Previous cancer studies have also demonstrated that p53 can actually cause premature ageing symptoms but Serrano says his analysis strictly regulated the gene so that it switched on only when needed. The experts genetically engineered mice to have an extra duplicate of p53 and found that the mice in fact lived 16 % longer even after the impact of experiencing less cancers was accounted for. As the function of p53 in malignancy has been well documented Serrano says he and his group simply applied this understanding to the problem of ageing and targeting broken cells and examined the expectation that having more p53, would give the mice stricter quality control for cells, leading to less cancer and much less ageing. Serrano says mice and worms that eat less possess slower metabolisms and live longer but his study presents proof that the mice can take advantage of the extra copy of the genes without needing to be starved.And it’s the simple things that are so powerful: broccoli, tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic, and so on. These are potent healing foods – – far more potent than any prescription drug – – and they’re offered by a fraction of the cost. So stay healthy: choose healing foods that prevent disease and support ideal human health. Avoid all processed cancer-causing and foods ingredients like sodium nitrite. Your body shall many thanks for it!

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