The Scorpion inserter will be available mid-November 2015 commercially.

The Valeo II TL is indicated for intervertebral body fusion of the spine in skeletally mature sufferers and is made for make use of with autograft to facilitate fusion. More information about Amedica's complete line of products are available at About Amedica Corporation Amedica is focused on the application form and development of medical-grade silicon nitride ceramics. Amedica marketplaces spinal fusion items and is creating a new generation of wear – and corrosion-resistant implant elements for hip and knee arthroplasty. The ongoing organization manufactures its items in its ISO 13485 authorized manufacturing facility and, through its partnership with Kyocera, the world's largest ceramic producer.Shukri David, chief of cardiology at Providence Medical center in Southfield, Mich. We’re mobilizing the cath lab team while the patient is still in the home. Traditionally, paramedics perform an ECG in the field if indeed they suspect an individual is having a heart attack but do not transmit the tracing to the emergency room. Instead, patients are triaged and evaluated in the ER, and only then may be the cath lab team called in to the hospital. By basing treatment decisions on the ECG performed by paramedics in the field, physicians at Providence Hospital have been able to cut to 44 mins the common time from individual arrival at a healthcare facility to inflation of the angioplasty balloon that opens the blocked artery .