Arterial elasticity connect to lung function By Eleanor McDermid.

Arterial elasticity connect to lung function By Eleanor McDermid, Senior medwireNews Reporter People who have reduced arterial elasticity may have impaired lung function, and vice versa, say US experts . This suggests parallel physiological pathways for elastic adjustments in the vasculature and in lung parenchymal tissue, say Daniel Duprez and co-workers in Hypertension.

As hip replacement increasing, patients need to know the reality before procedure: Surgeons On the golf course, in the garden, or at the shopping mall, most people want to remain active, regardless of age. As the amount of Americans daily reaching their 60s grows, the demand for mobility-restoring procedures, such as hip replacement, is steadily increasing. Total joint replacement is normally thought to be among the most valued developments in the past history of orthopedics. It has evolved into a reliable and effective method to relieve discomfort and restore function to joints that have been damaged or destroyed by arthritis or damage. Joint replacement makes it possible for sufferers to resume their active lives, say the Adult Joint and Reconstruction Substitute experts at Medical center for Special Surgery in New York, a world leader in orthopedics and rheumatology.