When the hours of sunlight are shorter right dosage.

Causes Of Seasonal Affective Disorder Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is certainly a condition that’s brought on by insufficient adequate sunlight right dosage . Individuals who have problems with this condition experience major depressive episodes through the fall and winter season, when the hours of sunlight are shorter. These severe symptoms abate in during the spring and summertime when the full days are longer. Geographical location, age and genetics are all contributory factors to the onset of seasonal affective disorder in an individual. Symptoms of Period Affective Disorder A few of the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder include memory loss, lack of energy, rest disturbances, inability to focus, change in appetite, body pain and aches, change in weight, low self-esteem, diminishing libido, suicidal lack and thoughts of interest in any activity.


The vaginal mucous can transform its color to pink, brown or bright red. In lots of ways spotting is helpful as it takes place during Ovulation therefore helps in determining peak fertility period; however there are other reasons that may also cause this problem. Proper diagnoses of the problem is required to determine the reason for the problem as possible due to benign reasons or could be a symptom of major underlying condition. Ovulation is among the significant reasons of Mid-cycle spotting, when egg bursts out of follicles it can cause spotting in lots of women.