Spines ought to be removed with tweezers.

Spines ought to be removed with tweezers. The wound should be irrigated and scrubbed with fresh water. The wound shouldn’t be taped or sewn together. Oral antibiotics are usually suggested for catfish stings that become infected. Antibiotics should be taken if illness develops for at least five days after all signs of an infection have resolved. Potential drug allergies should be checked prior to starting any antibiotic. A doctor can suggest the appropriate antibiotic. Some antibiotics can cause sensitivity to the sun, so a sunscreen can be recommended for use with such antibiotics.For example, Roundtable participant Steven M. Safyer, MD, CEO of Montefiore INFIRMARY, said he could foresee an immediate benefit for his institution. There are 17,000 employees right now working at Montefiore best, who could probably benefit from this kind of approach, not forgetting the patients, families and communities we serve, stated Safyer. There is no reason not really to get started now! .. Carotid artery stenting effective and safe in older adults Researchers in Thomas Jefferson University Medical center in Philadelphia and a multicenter group of investigators have found that carotid artery stenting is safe and effective in patients age 70 and older.