Cepacol has announced the introduction of Cepacol Fizzlers.

Cepacol introduces instant treatment tablets for children with sore throats As a head in the Lozenge Category, Cepacol has announced the introduction of Cepacol Fizzlers, a single symptom sore throat alleviation product designed specifically for kids. Cepacol Fizzlers offers a great solution for parents with children aged 5-12 suffering from sore throat discomfort. According to consumer study, 29 million children obtain sore throats / colds per year http://l-e-v-i-t-r-a.com/medicaments/ . Finding a item that is safe, easy to administer, offers quick alleviation, and treats a single symptom is very important to parents.


Cepheid receives FDA clearance for brand-new assay to detect C. Difficile infection The U.S. Today cleared a test called the Cepheid Xpert C Food and Medication Administration. Difficile/Epi assay that is designed to quickly detect the toxin B gene associated with Clostridium difficile infection , a reason behind diarrhea that can lead to colitis, other severe intestinal conditions and death in severe cases. Clostridium difficile bacteria are found in the stool of an infected person. Others can become infected if they touch items or areas contaminated with the bacteria or spores and touch their mouth area.