Antioxidants, bad research and failure of the press to be honest Following yesterday’s announcement of a new study showing the phenomenal great things about antioxidants for preventing heart disease in women, the mainstream mass media rallied behind a blatantly fake distortion of the study designed to persuade the general public that vitamins E and C are somehow useless. The popular press, which maintains an incestuous relationship with the pharmaceutical industry, once more demonstrates it is bit more than a mouthpiece for the pro-pharma propaganda machine example . There is absolutely no scrutiny of the study’s findings, no important thinking and zero independent journalism being conducted by the mainstream media on this particular subject.

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Antidepressants aid electroconvulsive therapy in treating severe depression Combining antidepressant medications with electroconvulsive therapy does a more satisfactory job of reducing symptoms of severe depression and causes less memory reduction than using ECT only, according to a fresh study by researchers in Wake Forest University School of colleagues and Medication. This finding could relieve among the primary concerns about ECT – that it causes memory reduction, said W. Vaughn McCall, M.D., M.S, professor and chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medication and the main investigator for the study’s Wake Forest Baptist site. The full study appears in today’s problem of the Archives of General Psychiatry, published today.