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Lead writer of the paper is definitely MIT postdoc Nicolas Boyer. Various other authors are MIT graduate college student Justin Kim, UIUC chemistry professor Paul Hergenrother and UIUC graduate college student Karen Morrison. Enhancing nature’s design Many of the substances tested in this study, known as epipolythiodiketopiperazine alkaloids, are naturally made by fungi. Scientists believe these compounds help fungi prevent other organisms from encroaching on their territory. Along the way of synthesizing ETP natural products in their lab, the MIT experts produced many similar compounds that they suspected may also have anti-malignancy activity.I am absolutely confident our State Plan shall be a model for the nation. The constant state Plan is supposed to streamline government functions, reduce costs and increase performance through effective usage of existing resources. Unless we invest in home and community-based treatment, like the family caregiver, we are simply just cost shifting to nursing homes, emergency hospitals and rooms, which places an even greater burden on the condition, stated Joshua Chodosh, M.D., MSHS, University of California, Los VA and Angeles Greater LA Healthcare System, co-chair of the State Plan Task Force.3 billion by 2030.