We believe that usage of the A1C.

American Diabetes Association recommends A1C test for diagnosing diabetes and identifying pre-diabetes The American Diabetes Association’s new Clinical Practice Suggestions being published as a supplement to the January problem of Diabetes Care demand the addition of the A1C test as a means of diagnosing diabetes and identifying pre-diabetes cialis femme . The check has been suggested for years as a measure of how well people are doing to keep their blood glucose levels in order. We believe that usage of the A1C, since it doesn’t require fasting, will encourage more people to get tested for type 2 diabetes and help further reduce the number of people who are undiagnosed but living with this chronic and possibly life-threatening disease.


American Humane and TGen uncover genetic basis of obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs Every year, one from every 88 children in the usa is diagnosed with some form of autism, with these numbers rising over the last decade steadily. Alarmingly, it is believed that now among every 54 young boys has some type of the disease. Though the instances of children on the autism spectrum are raising year to year, the amount of funding given to autism research is less than with other childhood diseases, which has led to fewer researchers examining the autistic spectrum.