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.. Blood transfusions after cardiac surgery could be unnecessary Blood transfusions completed after cardiac medical procedures could be unnecessary and may cause health problems for patients. In the united kingdom, cardiac surgery uses nearly ten per cent of most donor bloodstream. Although the advantages of red cell bloodstream transfusions for controlling life-threatening bleeding are obvious, nearly all decisions to transfuse after medical operation are made based on a patient’s haemoglobin level . An interview with Dr KazazianThe level that triggers a health care provider to transfuse an individual varies widely and study in noncardiac surgical fields shows that lowering the particular level that ‘triggers’ transfusion decreases complications and also the use of bloodstream.It showed that individuals who elevated their daily sugars intake but managed a stable body weight, showed no adverse adjustments in their blood glucose. The analysis was carried out by the Division of Nutrition and Dietetics at London’s Hammersmith Hospital. Three slices of carrot cake had been added to the daily diet programs of nine, overweight type 2 diabetes sufferers over 24 times . Usage of the carrot cake slices was distributed over the day. Several measurements were documented at the beginning and end of the study, including the patients’ weight, bloodstream sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and insulin sensitivity . Correspondingly, they didn’t put on weight or show an increase in blood sugar levels at the end of the study; in addition, their cholesterol levels and insulin sensitivity didn’t change.