Lost work productivity and other expenses.

Total costs included $4.3 billion in direct medical costs and $20.5 billion in annual costs to families. Caregivers approximated that hospitalizations accounted for the largest proportion of immediate medical costs , followed by outpatient visits to allergists , emergency department visits and pediatrician visits . Special diet plans and allergen-free foods had been estimated to cost $1.7 billion annually, while annual lost labor productivity so caregivers could accompany their children to medical visits was $773 million, based on the results.‘In general, having a medical home helps ensure you possess quality healthcare. It examines how well your wellbeing care providers are providing you coordinated care where the family is really somebody,’ Cheak-Zamora said. ‘We found that children with ASD possess medical homes less often than kids with other special healthcare needs. That is a problem because families without a medical home survey experiencing more financial problems and complications accessing and utilizing required medical services.’.

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