As more medical information go online

As more medical information go online, government scrutiny lags In the wake of the substantial security breach at health-insurance service provider Anthem, there’s concern medical care sector is increasingly vulnerable to hacks because the industry has been transitioning from paper to digital records. CBS This Morning Why hackers target wellness providers like Anthem Insurance There are new questions about whether Anthem Insurance do enough to safeguard customers’ date from cyber thieves. Chinese hackers could be behind th . ‘Digitized health records are jet energy for medical identity theft,’ said Pam Dixon, a researcher of medical data breaches for the World Privacy Forum.She’s worried the federal government’s $26 billion investment in electronic health information, isn’t secure.

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Experts at the Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children’s Medical center conducted a three-year research of S. Aureus attacks in children. They discovered that among S. Aureus isolates acquired locally, the proportion of isolates which were MRSA experienced reached 76 % in 2003. More than the preceding three years, the amount of MRSA infections acquired locally had more than doubled. The MRSA isolates triggered epidermis and soft tissue infections in most cases, and a lot more than 60 % of these young children had been admitted to the hospital.