Beckman Coulter announces PMA from FDA for Prostate Wellness Index Beckman Coulter treatment cource.

Beckman Coulter announces PMA from FDA for Prostate Wellness Index Beckman Coulter, Inc., the first choice in prostate cancers diagnostics, announces Premarket Authorization from the U treatment cource .S. Food and Medication Administration for the Prostate Wellness Index , a straightforward, noninvasive blood test that’s 2.5-times more particular in detecting prostate cancers than PSA in sufferers with PSA ideals in the 4-10 ng/mL range and is which can reduce the amount of prostate biopsies. Beckman Coulter's new check has an answer to the existing PSA testing controversy, where prostate cancers screening to save lots of lives has been weighed against over-diagnosis and over-treatment.

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