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Today’s inaugural post is an attribute interview with Dr. George Adams, the principle Executive Officer of Amorfix Existence Sciences Ltd. The piece targets Amorfix’s development of remedies and diagnostics for human brain wasting illnesses and was compiled by veteran Canadian health care journalist, Leonard Zehr. ‘A very important factor is clear if you ask me – since Leonard retired from THE WORLD and Mail, there’s been a visible void of traditional Canadian business mass media coverage of all however the very largest health care issuers,’ stated Thomas P.This information coincides with the actual fact that European countries has significant limitations or bans on the production and sale of GMOs and pesticides. In the United States, government firms have approved massive amounts of pesticides and, recently, environmentally friendly Protection Agency raised the allowable focus of Monsanto’s glyphosate on meals crops, edible oils and pet feed. A study released by Earth Open Sources provided a review of the peer-reviewed scientific literature documenting the critical health hazards due to glyphosate and Roundup herbicide formulations. It stated: Our examination of the evidence qualified prospects us to the final outcome that the current approval of glyphosate and Roundup is normally deeply flawed and unreliable. In this report, we examine the sector studies and regulatory documents that led to the acceptance of glyphosate.