Charity contest held in Toronto.

The event, which began when regional businessmen Todd and Trent Courage jumped into Lake Ontario in Burlington, is now Canada’s largest charitable polar bear dip – attracting around 500 dippers and 5,000 spectators each year. We understood that clean water was scarce in many elements of Africa, but after going to Rwanda earlier this summer, the realization of how difficult it really is for Rwandans has been life changing really, says Todd Courage. The image of watching hundreds of children carrying large yellow containers filled with water, walking many miles to deliver it back to their villages and homes has been permanently etched inside our minds – it’s like a human pipeline – and that picture is the inspiration for us to raise more money this year than ever before imagined.Bad Information About Teen Smoking The longer, steady decline in teen smoking in the U.S. Because the late 1990s seems to have arrive to a standstill, friday health officials said. A study released this week demonstrated that smoking among students held constant at around one in four teens between 2003 and 2005. Two other surveys during the past year or so discovered that teen smoking provides evidently plateaued since 2002. ‘We were making great progress, and today it appears like we’re not really,’ stated Dr. Corinne Husten, acting director of any office on Smoking and Wellness at the Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance.