A drug that is proven to cause cardiac toxicity previously.

Cardiac effects associated with breast cancer treatment appear lower with dose-dense chemotherapy A fresh pilot study by investigators at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center found that breast cancer sufferers can be treated safely with a dose-dense regimen of regular chemotherapy agents and the antibody trastuzumab , a drug that is proven to cause cardiac toxicity previously. Based on the findings, only 1 1.4 % of the 70 early-stage breast cancer sufferers treated with this regimen experienced congestive heart failure after 28 months of follow-up.Coughing and sneezing spreads the virus, and you can pick the virus up simply by touching objects that an contaminated person provides touched such as doorknobs, railings and additional.

Anthem proposes double-digit rate hikes in Calif. Marketplace: Are Insurers Walking Rates Despite Health Care Reform California's insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, is upset regarding the latest rate hikes for medical health insurance. And he's using the only real power he's got: Stepping up to a podium and scolding the insurance companies. In particular, he has known as out Anthem Blue Cross of California for an 11 % premium boost for some customers. But Anthem's double-digit rate hike is in keeping with new 2013 prices being rolled out from coast to coast.