Of Hong Kong and WEX Pharmaceuticals Inc.

announced today that CKLS has acquired yet another 116,852,062 limited voting shares of WEX to bring its holding to 133,179,334 limited voting shares, or 75.25 percent of the full total outstanding restricted voting shares. The acquisition was made through the conversion by Pharmagesic Inc., a wholly-possessed subsidiary of CKLS, of a $15,600,000 Convertible Debenture of WEX at a cost of $0.1409 per share and the issuance of 6,155,197 shares at an average price of $0.2083 per share instead of accrued but unpaid interest on the amounts outstanding from time to time beneath the Debenture from its original date of issue on October 17, 2007 to the conversion time. The 116,852,062 extra restricted voting shares being acquired by CKLS represent 66.02 percent of the restricted voting shares outstanding following the conversion.In addition, present and actively helping the ongoing attempts of the collaborative were representatives from the California March of Dimes leadership group. The Institute of Medicine reports that as much as 98,000 individuals in American hospitals die of avoidable medical errors each full year. The human price of these errors can’t be calculated. The cost to the health care program has been estimated at upwards of 11 billion dollars every year. While several individual quality and protection initiatives have already been undertaken at the average person hospital or program level, the impact has often been limited to the population within that system. This new partnership is normally unprecedented in its scale and ambition.