Including scientific data from a restricted group of AXL1717-treated sufferers.

Squamous NSCLC is fairly unresponsive to regular cytotoxic chemotherapy however the cells of the cancer have been proven to display a higher density of the IGF-1 receptor, the therapeutic target for AXL1717′, says Johan Harmenberg, CEO Axelar Stomach.. Axelar AB publishes initial AXL1717 data on phase I/II tumor study Axelar Abdominal today announces that the 1st submitted medical article about the ongoing phase We/II cancer research with AXL1717 has been posted in Acta Oncologica. This article, including scientific data from a restricted group of AXL1717-treated sufferers, by Drs. Ekman, Bergqvist, Colleagues and Frodin, was recently released in Acta Oncologica, Early Online 1-7, 2010. The publication describes four heavily pretreated individuals with progressive and advanced squamous non-little cell lung tumor without the remaining therapeutic options.Chemotherapy regimen far better and more toxic in Japanese sufferers than in American sufferers A chemotherapy program commonly used to take care of non-small cell lung malignancy is both far better and more toxic in Japanese individuals than in American patients, researchers reported Saturday at the annual meeting of the American Culture of Clinical Oncologists. The to begin its kind, this evaluation underscores the importance of genetic variations in medication and factors to a need for increased worldwide collaboration in trials of fresh cancer treatments.