May ancient sun gazing therapy help reactivate a calcified pineal gland?

Our results claim that therapies targeting engine skills can help improve handwriting in kids with autism, which is important for success in school and building self-esteem, said study author Amy Bastian, PhD, of the Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins College of Medication in Baltimore, MD. Such therapies could consist of training of letter development and general teaching of fine engine control to help improve the quality of their composing. While overall quality of handwriting was even worse in kids with autism spectrum disorders, these were still in a position to align, space and size their letters equally well as children without autism. The study was backed by an Autism Speaks Pre-Doctoral Fellowship and by the National Institutes of Health.. May ancient ‘sun gazing’ therapy help reactivate a calcified pineal gland? A somewhat unusual and long-forgotten healing protocol that goes back a large number of years is making a major comeback in the present day day.In traditional Chinese medicine, motherwort is considered among the premier herbal products for strengthening the heart and marketing longevity. A mother’s herb for womenMotherwort is particularly beneficial for females. Symptoms of premenstrual menopause and syndrome are softened with this herb. It relaxes uterine cramping and regulates the menses. It calms irritability connected with PMS too. Motherwort quiets stress and the hormonal shifts that accompany menopause also. Childbirth and brand-new mothering can be tempered by motherwort as well.