Antigenics awarded $424.

To be able to qualify, projects got to incur preclinical or scientific research costs during 2009 or 2010 and be designed to result in a number of new therapies to treat or prevent a disease or condition representing an unmet medical want, reduce long-term healthcare costs in the U.S. And demonstrate the potential to enhance U.S. Competitiveness and create high quality careers in the U.S.. Antigenics awarded $424,720 grant under QTDP program Antigenics Inc. today announced that it has been awarded $424,720 in grants beneath the IRS’ Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Task plan.The nurse gets rid of the girl`s clothing and cleans off the lighter fluid. The individual denies taking any drugs or chemicals apart from the lighter liquid.After decontamination, a chest X-ray shows a mild, diffuse pneumonia. The local poison control center notes that lighter fluid can cause a chemical substance pneumonia and other complications.The individual is admitted to the hospital and watched closely. Her pneumonia slightly worsens; however, she will not need artificial ventilation.