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The patient’s own cells from the donor site is earned to fill the void left by the mastectomy, above the pectoralis chest muscle. The options are: 1) free of charge TRAM flaps from the abdomen, 2) pedicled TRAM, 3) free DIEP flaps from the abdomen, 4) pedicled latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flaps , and 5) free gluteal flaps . Free flaps imply that the flap blood vessels have to be re-connected with arteries in the upper body using microsurgical methods, and the plastic/reconstructive surgeon will need this particular training. Pedicled means that the flap cells retains its original blood circulation, and no microsurgical reconnection is necessary. The individual then has a number of permanent large scar at the donor site and according to the type of process performed, some knowledge physical impairment.‘Through this partnership, Dr. Loeb and his group will have the critical support needed to further advance knowledge in the area of pandemic preparedness and influenza outbreaks.’ Related StoriesSelf-disseminating vaccines could prevent EID transmission from pets to humansMissouri academic institutions underprepared for pandemics, natural disasters and bioterrorism attacksBiondVax to begin Phase IIb scientific trial of general influenza vaccine in EuropeThis announcement may be the first of a number of annual thematic grants to be made by the HRF on important public health issues.