Chocolate lovers rejoice it lowers the blood pressure!

Colleagues and Taubert studied 44 adults aged 56 to 73 with hypertension but no other health issues, from January 2005 to December 2006 over a twelve months period. The study individuals were selected to get a single randomly, 30-calorie square of dark chocolate including 30 mg of polyphenols or a 30-calorie square of white chocolate that had no polyphenols. The experts discovered after 18 weeks, the dark chocolate group experienced a 3 point drop in systolic blood pressure, the very best reading, and a 2 stage drop in diastolic blood pressure, the bottom reading, without adjustments in body weight, blood or cholesterol sugar.The five-year study, to be conducted at up to 40 sites throughout the United States, will end up being led by Andrew Hershey, M.D., Ph.D., and Scott Powers, Ph.D., who co-direct the Headache Center at Cincinnati Children’s, that will serve as the medical coordinating center.8 million grant to serve as the data coordinating center for the scholarly study.D., at the University of Iowa, will become principal investigator for the info coordinating center.