Anti-fluoride activists pressure Austin City Council not to renew contract On February 27.

Anti-fluoride activists pressure Austin City Council not to renew contract On February 27, the Austin City Council resolved agenda item no. 19, an actions to authorize and award an extending million-dollar contract with Mosaic Crop Diet, LLC, the city’s hydrofluorosilicic acid provider tablets . The Fla.-structured company commends itself to be the world’s leading supplier of potash, an alkaline potassium compound, and phosphate, which is usually mined from nearly 2,000 acres of Mosaic-possessed land in central Fla. The silicofluorides utilized to fluoridate the drinking water are unprocessed commercial byproducts of the phosphate fertilizer sector. The populous town of Austin, like many cities across the nation, spends millions of dollars on contracts with companies like Mosaic to fluoridate, or pollute, the region’s water supply predicated on a few inconclusive studies alleging that it defends children’s teeth from cavities.

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