Chemical engineers design way to manufacture peptides in only hours Small protein fragments.

Accelerated developing Therapeutic peptides usually consist of a chain of 30 to 40 proteins, the building blocks of proteins. Many universities, including MIT, have facilities to produce these peptides, however the process takes two to six weeks usually, using machines developed about 20 years ago. These machines require about one hour to perform the chemical reactions needed to add one amino acid to a chain. To increase the procedure, the MIT group adapted the synthesis reactions to allow them to be done in a continuing flow system. Using this approach, each amino acid addition will take only a few minutes, and a whole peptide can be assembled in bit more than an full hour.With thousands more Coloradans joining Medicaid under health care reform in the next 3 years, and thousands nationwide, the competition is on to find and deal with these high-cost patients before they reach emergency rooms and swamp the system . Stateline: What Welfare Cutbacks State About The Wisdom Of Block Grants A handful of states remain hammering out their budgets for the year that starts July 1, but all over the national country, welfare and other interpersonal programs are getting hit. But claims have a great deal of flexibility to make cuts to welfare, particularly if compared with Medicaid, the joint state and federal medical health insurance program that makes up the solitary largest portion of total state spending .