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For the brand new study, the group gave citalopram to older mice with human brain plaques. Jin-Moo Lee, MD, PhD, professor of neurology, utilized a method called two-photon imaging to monitor the growth of Alzheimer's-like plaques in the mice for 28 days. Providing the mice the antidepressant halted the growth of existing plaques and decreased the formation of brand-new plaques by 78 %. In a second experiment, the researchers gave a single dose of citalopram to 23 people age groups 18 to 50 who were not cognitively impaired or depressed.Generous monetary support through the US Basis and the American Crimson Cross has allowed Bangladesh to carry out this historic campaign.

American College of Doctors recommends annual influenza vaccine for health-care workers The American University of Physicians recommends that an annual influenza vaccine ought to be required for every healthcare worker with direct patient care activities. Just 36 % of most ongoing health care workers are immunized against influenza every year. Transmission of influenza from healthcare workers to patients provides been documented in just about any health care setting, and multiple studies also show that 70 % or even more of healthcare workers continue to function despite being ill with influenza, increasing exposure of co-workers and patients.