EYSF is committed to developing an Endowment Fund to enable and advance more youth sailing opportunities in our community.

The goal of this new endowment fund is to build a large principal, earn a healthy interest, amass funds and give sizeable grants to further our mission.

Upon formation, the foundation shall elect three trustees to administer this endowment fund from its then current board of directors, where two will resign from the board and become permanent long-term trustees and one holding the position as the foundation’s Treasurer. The trustees shall work with the foundation on fund raising and grant awards and trustees shall use a third-party fund manager to ensure the objectives of the fund are being met. Fund Management shall be responsible for sustainable fund operations and ensure its life in perpetuity.

We are currently seeking individuals, corporations, institutions, and other significant sources of funds who wish to contribute to further our mission long-term. All inquires are welcome and we will seriously consider your proposal.

We are also interested in participating in competitions for private, public, civic and/or social venture grant opportunities.

For more information, please contact us.